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Weld humane society to dissolve; Larimer to take over services

EVANS — The Humane Society of Weld County is dissolving and will transfer its assets to the Loveland-based Larimer Humane Society effective Oct. 2, the Weld organization’s board of directors announced Tuesday.

Those assets include the animal shelter at 1620 42nd St. in Evans.

As of that date, Larimer Humane Society will assume full responsibility for providing animal-welfare services to Weld County. During the transition period, the current leadership and staff of the Humane Society of Weld County will work with ongoing support from Larimer Humane Society to maintain operations.

The two organizations have been collaborating with each other as well as municipal and county leaders since the beginning of the year to identify the most-suitable options for animal sheltering and services in Weld County. The support provided thus far has included supplies, counsel, animal transfer and animal intake. In addition, Larimer Humane Society will offer financial support during the four-month transition period.

All services currently provided by the Humane Society of Weld County, including sheltering, adoptions, lost-and-found services and pet microchipping, will continue.

The Larimer Humane Society said it plans to update its name to reflect its new geographic scope of services.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office and the cities of Greeley and Evans have their own animal-control units.

“Larimer Humane Society is an acknowledged leader in animal welfare. We are confident in their capabilities and optimistic their operational know-how, coupled with the efficiencies of one organization serving multiple communities throughout Northern Colorado, will result in more vital programs and services that heal, nurture and protect companion animals and our communities well into the future,” Kara Englert, board president of Humane Society of Weld County, said in a prepared statement.

Weld County experienced a 23% increase in the number of stray animals coming to the shelter in 2022 alone. Its humane society has faced challenges in meeting current demands and has determined its inability to meet future needs, given the area’s anticipated continued growth and subsequent increase in the pet population, as well as declining revenues and limitations posed by an aging facility.

“We are pleased to have formed this new collaboration with Larimer Humane Society, which furthers our commitment to the responsible relationship between animals and people – an essential component to a high quality of life,” said Weld County Sheriff Steven Reams.

Larimer Humane Society is developing a transition plan to ensure that the Weld County community continues to receive essential animal welfare services, and is prepared to invest resources to provide comprehensive direct services for any pet in need, including hiring additional staff and addressing deferred maintenance needs at the Evans shelter.

“As a nonprofit organization, we are committed to fulfilling our mission, which has historically necessitated service beyond county lines,” said Judy Calhoun, Larimer Humane Society CEO. “Residents of Weld County should not lack essential services when we have the resources and experience to offer support. We appreciate the confidence and support from the leadership of the Humane Society of Weld County, as well as numerous municipal leaders who have entrusted us to provide this essential service for Weld County. We look forward to learning from the community, delivering the best outcomes, and serving Weld County for many years to come.”

The ambitious timeline requires a phased implementation of new services. Larimer Humane Society will immediately initiate planning efforts to address the growing long-term needs for animal services in Weld County. This includes developing a plan for the construction of a new facility.

Founded in 1969, Larimer Humane Society is the largest animal welfare organization dedicated to homeless and abused animals in Northern Colorado. It holds contracts to provide animal sheltering and control services for Fort Collins, Loveland and Larimer County. Additionally, Larimer Humane Society collaborates with local authorities in Berthoud, Timnath, Johnstown, and Wellington. It is a local, independent nonprofit not affiliated with national organizations such as ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States and does not receive funding from those organizations.

Source: BizWest