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Victoria’s Secret closes Pink store in Twenty Ninth Street

BOULDER — The Victoria’s Secret Pink store in the Twenty Ninth Street mall has permanently closed.

According to a pre-recorded message on the store’s phone and a sign on the door, its last day of operation was Monday, Sept. 26.

Victoria’s Secret has had a tumultuous last few years. In February 2020, then-parent company L Brands Inc. — which also owns Bath & Body Works — attempted to sell Victoria’s Secret to a private equity firm, but the deal fell through. Last year, L Brands succeeded in spinning off Victoria’s Secret, but over that timeframe closed almost 300 Victoria’s Secret and Pink stores — nearly 25% of all retail locations.

It is not yet known who will fill the space left vacant by Victoria’s Secret in the mall, but clothing brand Roark Revival has announced that it will open in Twenty Ninth Street. 

Representatives from Victoria’s Secret and Roark could not be reached for comment.

Source: BizWest