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S&W Seed Co. partners with Shell to make biofuels

LONGMONT — S&W Seed Co. (Nasdaq: SANW) has partnered with Equilon Enterprises LLC, part of gas and energy giant Shell USA Inc.’s umbrella of companies, to develop “novel plant genetics for oil seed cover crops as feedstocks for biofuel production,” the organizations said in a news release. 

The joint venture, called Vision Bioenergy Oilseeds LLC, will “develop Camelina (“Camelina sativa”) and other oilseed species from which oil and meal can be extracted for future processing into animal feed, biofuels, and other bioproducts,” the companies said. “S&W will contribute its expertise in seed research, technology, production, and processing to the joint venture, including its seed processing and research facilities in Nampa, Idaho.”

“We are pleased to be entering this joint venture with Shell, which leverages our seed and technology capabilities with Camelina and demonstrates how agriculture and energy can work together to lower carbon emissions by producing domestically sourced sustainable biofuel feedstocks,” S&W CEO Mark Wong said in the release. “Shell shares our vision on the long-term opportunity Camelina provides, including enhancing farmland food production. As arable farming acreage decreases, Camelina can be a key contributor to maximizing use of every acre of farmland.”

Source: BizWest