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ScienceTaxi to hail a ride from Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser

LOUISVILLE — Louisville’s Sierra Space Corp. is partnering with German space biotech company Yuri GmbH to launch Yuri’s ScienceTaxi technology aboard SSC’s Dream Chaser space plane.

ScienceTaxi is an automated, temperature-controlled suite of equipment that allows for life-sciences research and experimentation in space.

“Our agreement with Yuri is another step forward for Sierra Space and our mission to open affordable access to space for all around the world,” SSC senior vice president Neeraj Gupta said in a prepared statement. “We aim to commercialize space to benefit life on Earth, and the launch of ScienceTaxi with Yuri embodies our collective drive and innovative spirit.”

Sierra Space has two main aerospace projects: the Dream Chaser space plane, which is expected to be used to resupply the International Space Station starting next year; and the Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) Habitat, a modular, three-story commercial habitation, business and science platform.

Yuri’s technology is set to hitch a ride into space during a 2024 Dream Chaser launch.

“This development is a huge milestone that will give the scientific community access to world-class bio research beyond the ISS,” Yuri co-CEO Mark Kugel said in a prepared statement. “Scientists around the world can secure their research slots on ScienceTaxi with a variety of different experiments possible, such as cell, plants, and crystal experiments.” 

Source: BizWest