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Quality Biomedical adds California service center

Quality Biomedical Inc., a Boulder-based company specializing in maintaining respiratory and infusion equipment to be patient-ready, is opening a new service center in Fresno, California. The new location is a 12,000 square foot service center and will be operational on Aug. 17. Seven other facilities are in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Quality Biomedical hired four technicians and a facility manager at the Freso center, bringing the company’s total headcount to 117, said Tim Worrell, chief commercial officer for Quality Biomedical. Quality Biomedical also plans to add service centers in Minneapolis and Seattle by the end of 2020. At that point, the company will be near its long-time goal of having 12 centers throughout the country. “We knew we wanted to have a national presence. That was our vision but exactly how it turned out, what it looks like, is beyond our expectations,” Worrell said. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in Quality Biomedical setting work shifts around the clock in order to tend to out-of-service ventilators around the U.S. Company revenue spiked 30% in March, as previously reported by BizWest. This year’s revenues are projected to double 2019 sales with the pandemic being a large factor, Worrell said. Since June, work shifts began returning to normal due in part to hospitals and emergency preparedness divisions starting catching up with the demand for ventilators. The other reason is due to supply chain issues. Worrell said that original equipment manufacturers are prioritizing new equipment rather than sending existing equipment to servicers. At the moment, there are around 200 ventilators on backorder until the Quality Biomedical obtains the right parts, Worrell said. The company appointed Melissa Puccio to the management team as corporate materials manager this month. She will work with manufacturers to find parts and manage the company’s inventory “As our monthly unit volume continues to grow along with our expanding national footprint of service centers, an experienced individual like Melissa is critical to ensuring all our service centers have the materials they need for fast turnaround, while maintaining tight inventory control” said PK Bala, CEO of Quality Biomedical.  “We are thrilled to have Melissa’s skillset on our management team.” Between the eight service centers, the company services 10,000 units each month including ventilators, CPAP and A BiPAP machines for sleep apnea, and mattress pumps for beds that prevent bed sores in long-term care. Along with repair services, Quality Biomedical has programs in which it houses stockpiles, ensuring that equipment in the stockpiles are in service and ready to be deployed. © 2020 BizWest Media LLC
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