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Proposed distribution warehouses get early look in Fort Collins

FORT COLLINS — A proposal to build three distribution warehouses on an undeveloped 27-acre tract northeast of the interchange of Interstate 25 and East Prospect Road was submitted to preliminary design review Wednesday morning by Fort Collins city planners.

The proposal from Crossdock Development, based in Prospect, Kentucky, would place the warehouses on lots 8 and 9 of the Rudolph Farm Subdivision, in an area zoned for industrial use. Access to the site would be from Vixen Drive on the east and Prospect Ridge Drive along the south edge.

According to questions answered by the developer on a standard city form, “architecture is not defined at this point, but would meet Fort Collins requirements,” and “the project intends to provide industrial use that will be similar to Lot 10 and Lot 11 of the Rudolph Subdivision.”

According to the developer, “the project has sought to provide strong pedestrian and vehicular connections between Vixen Drive and Prospect Ridge Drive to reduce the scale of the project. Parking lots have been designed to be in front of the buildings so that the loading docks can be screened, as much as possible, by the buildings. Additionally, space has been provided between the back of the utility easements along Vixen Drive and Prospect Ridge Drive so that the project can have lush and vibrant vegetation.”

No trees would be removed from the tract to build the warehouses, the developer said.

This would be the first project to build on infrastructure developed as part of the Rudolph Farm subdivision, said Kai Kleer, senior city planner.

The next step for the developers is to schedule a neighborhood meeting to gather reaction to the proposal. Ten days after the meeting, they can submit a formal development application. The final approval or denial would come from the Fort Collins Planning and Zoning Commission, Kleer said; it would not need to be submitted to the City Council.

Source: BizWest