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Pot market intel firm BDSA inks data partnership with Management Science Associates

LOUISVILLE — BDS Analytics Inc., a local cannabis market intelligence and research company, has signed onto a strategic partnership with business-data analytics firm Management Science Associates Inc.

“BDSA and MSA will collaborate on various fronts, including offering industry cross-analysis between BDSA’s clients focused on the cannabis industry and MSA’s clients in the consumer packaged goods, health care and government sectors, and providing in-depth technical support to clients with complex data requirements,’ the company said in a news release. 

“One of the key advantages of this collaboration is MSA’s unique, patented and HIPAA-compliant methodology for de-identifying protected health information,” the firms said. “Combined with BDSA’s comprehensive data, this methodology enables statistical analysis of consumers and delivers groundbreaking insights into the intersection of purchasing cannabis and pharmaceuticals for health care needs. For the first time, statistically significant cannabis consumption and real-world health care data will be combined to identify the impact of cannabis consumption on consumer health and purchasing. Pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, government agencies, academia, health care and cannabis companies eagerly anticipate these insights.”

Source: BizWest