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Payroll, HR firm buys part of Fort Collins building for HQ

FORT COLLINS – Journey Payroll & HR, a 13-year-old provider of payroll and human resources services, has purchased one-fourth of a two-story office building in southeast Fort Collins for its headquarters.

Journey CEO Kevin Welch said the company purchased and will occupy the 10,000 square feet on the north side of the second floor of the two-story, 40,000-square-foot building at 3351 Eastbrook Drive. The building is in the city’s Timberline Village neighborhood, northeast of the intersection of Horsetooth and Timberline roads.

As the company grew since its founding in 2010, Welch said, it had been moving from leased space to leased space, including three years in a museum building in the city’s Old Town section. “We kept outgrowing the spaces we were in,” Welch said.

Journey’s last leased home was at 3800 Automation Way, a few blocks south of the building that it now says is its permanent headquarters.

“Getting a larger space has been great and more upscale than we’ve had in the past,” Welch said, although noting that “50% of our team actually works remotely.”

The new space underwent a complete transformation, including creation of a serene “zen den” equipped with a hammock and massage chair, Welch said, “promoting stress relief and overall well-being.” A licensed therapist will provide massages, he said.

The new property also contains a spacious lunch and training room that doubles as an area for more “extra” things Journey provides, he said. The company has retained a professional to offer acupuncture and meditation sessions, promoting what he called a holistic approach to health and mindfulness.

“The layout meets the specific requirements of Journey’s various departments,” he said, including conference rooms and offices for efficient collaboration among teams including operations, sales, and software.

“We have found our perfect home, and our entire team has been ecstatic about the upgrade,” Welch said. “This new property reflects our commitment to the well-being and growth of our employees. We believe that a positive and comfortable work environment fosters creativity, productivity, and overall happiness.”

Source: BizWest