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Loveland’s Pulse to provide broadband to Timnath

TIMNATH – Pulse, a municipal utility owned by the city of Loveland that provides high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, telephone and television services, has been selected to provide broadband services to the town of Timnath.

The decision was presented as an intergovernmental agreement during a Timnath Town Council meeting on Aug. 8 and a Loveland City Council meeting on Tuesday.

From construction kick-off to service light-up in an area, the timeline is expected to be between six and nine months. Construction in the entire Timnath community is anticipated to take four to five years.

“Communities across the country are struggling to ensure that their residents and businesses have access to affordable, high-quality internet,” Brieana Reed-Harmel, Pulse broadband manager, said in a prepared statement. “Pulse exists to address this need in northern Colorado, and we are proud to make this critical resource available to the growing Timnath community.”

The decision to move forward with Pulse comes after the town of Timnath’s completion of a broadband feasibility study and letter-of-intent process, said Timnath Town Planner Brian Williamson.

“The selection of Pulse as our broadband service provider reflects a thorough process of assessment and consideration,” he said. “We are excited to work together, leveraging their expertise to ensure our residents have access to reliable, high-speed internet that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of Timnath.”

As part of the intergovernmental agreement, Pulse will provide a 25% share of gross income on wireline internet service to the town of Timnath. That translates to a 2% to 6% return on the town’s capital investment over 20 to 30 years. Full payback is estimated to take about 26 years.

The initial phase of capital construction will be funded by existing town capital improvement funds in the amount of $20 million.

“The decision to partner with Pulse is more than a broadband agreement,” said Timnath Town Manager Aaron Adams. “It’s an investment strategy that positions Timnath for long-term success. Our choice to share in the revenue generated underscores our dedication to public benefit and strategic community development.”

The initial planning phase to focus on design, pre-construction preparations and the permitting process will begin immediately, followed by the network construction phase to include service installation and testing. The construction phase is anticipated to begin this year and will be executed by Pulse’s locally owned and operated construction partners in collaboration with Pulse’s national communications division.

According to a news release, Pulse will provide the following for subscribers in Timnath:

• Internet: With fiber to the premise, Pulse subscribers will receive individualized bandwidth with multi-gigabit, symmetrical options so upload and download speeds are the same as well as unlimited data, no speed throttling and no long-term contracts.

• Wi-Fi: Pulse offers a range of options including the flexibility to bring your own device, utilize Pulse base Wi-Fi, and set up an adaptive mesh network.

• Voice: Residential subscribers will be offered unlimited local and long-distance calling as well as secure 911 access in case of emergency. Business subscribers will have a suite of products to choose from, from a single line to an enterprise-level call center.

• PulseTV: More than 170 channels will be offered including local and regional broadcast channels, delivered over an app-based platform.

Pulse is available throughout Loveland and surrounding areas. Interested subscribers can check current availability in their area at

Source: BizWest