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Longmont’s NextLight makes faster speeds available to homes

LONGMONT — Not content with being the second-fastest internet service in the country, Longmont’s internet utility NextLight will begin to offer even faster service to residential customers.

As noted in a press statement, NextLight will offer a 10-gigabit and 2.5-gigabit service level for residential customers. As with NextLight’s 100-megabit and 1-gigabit offerings, both of the new speed levels are symmetrical and have no data caps to limit usage.  

The new speeds are “ideal for power users, such as hard-core gamers or home businesses that need to regularly send and receive large image files,” NextLight executive director Valerie Dodd said in the press statement.

“Longmont loves our gigabit connections, which continue to empower homes and businesses  

across the city,” Dodd said. “But we know that some are asking for even more. So we’re proud to bring our ultra-high-speed service to a new level as we continue to meet the needs of all our  community.”  

Residential customers can get the 10-gigabit service for $249.95 per month or the 2.5- 

gigabit home connection for $149.95 per month. NextLight’s 1-gigabit service is priced at $69.95 per month.

On the business front, NextLight has expanded its commercial offerings to include symmetrical speed levels of 2.5, five and 10 gigabits. 

PC Magazine ranked NextLight as the nation’s second-fastest internet provider. This year, it was named the second-fastest internet provider in the country by PC Magazine. Fort Collins’ Connexion utility ranked fourth and Allo Communications, which is wiring multiple Colorado communities including Greeley, ranked fifth.

Source: BizWest

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