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Lafayette City Council approves cannabis-extraction facility

LAFAYETTE — The City Council this week unanimously approved construction of a cannabis-extraction facility at 1475 Overlook Drive in the Trailhead Business Park.

The 4,800-square-foot facility will be constructed on a vacant 1.6-acre parcel. It will be the new manufacturing center for Cannxtracts LLC, a wholesale producer of marijuana concentrates. Cannxtracts is currently located in Boulder.

David Neale, general manager for Cannxtracts, said the company uses a closed-loop CO2 system to perform cannabis extraction that recaptures and reuses 95% of the CO2 used in the process.

“The aim is to have a sustainable, low-key, low-maintenance building,” Neale said. 

Neale also said Cannxtracts uses a sophisticated air-filtration system to minimize any cannabis odors produced during extraction.

“We want to be good neighbors,” he said.

Source: BizWest