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EforAll Longmont announces accelerator cohorts

LONGMONT — Fifteen Longmont entrepreneurs have been named to participate in the EforAll Longmont summer 2023 accelerator program.

Entrepreneurship for All is a national nonprofit organization that provides no-cost training, mentorship and support to aspiring local entrepreneurs. The summer Longmont accelerator includes the Spanish-language EparaTodos program.

The year-long accelerator program launches the week of July 10 and seeks to empower under-represented entrepreneurs and make a lasting impact on the local community, culture and economy.

The cohorts were evaluated by more than 40 community leaders, including industry experts, volunteers and entrepreneurs. Participants will embark on a three-month intensive business training course. Each participant will be matched with a dedicated team of up to three mentors who will provide invaluable guidance on their journey towards business ownership.

“At the heart of our mission lies a deep understanding of the multi-faceted value generated by supporting an entrepreneurial community.” Regina Rodríguez-Manzanet, executive director of EforAll Longmont, said in a written statement. “It is our firm belief that when entrepreneurs are nurtured and supported, they can become powerful agents of change, positively impacting not only their own lives, and that of their families, but also the wider community.”

EparaTodos Program participants include:

  • Millie Segura: Advocacy Consultants Network — bilingual services supporting individuals with disabilities, specializing in special speech needs and culturally sensitive care.
  • Lucero Castro-Frederic: Bright Light Consulting — consultancy services for small businesses, specializing in health, emotional well-being, and employee and customer retention, with a focus on growth and empowerment.
  • Patricia Borrego: Clean & Clear — professional cleaning business specializing in office and factory cleaning services, providing efficient and reliable solutions for clean workspaces.
  • Jean Castro and Johanna Paris: Cunaguaro Studios LLC — photography and audiovisual services, transforming specific client needs into exceptional visual content.
  • Jose Sanchez Rodriguez: El Jefe de Jefes — landscape design and management startup, dedicated to creating captivating outdoor spaces and turning clients’ visions into stunning realities.
  • Obdulia Escobedo: Handmade Lula — handcrafted knit, crochet, and sewing products, offering educational services to promote mindful crafting and a mindful lifestyle.
  • Kelvin Melgar and Johanny Amya: Montenegro Coffee HN — exports high-quality coffee from Honduras, prioritizing fair prices for local farmers and aiming to create a legacy for their families.

EforAll Program participants include:

  • Kate and Sam Steven: Garden of Oz — empowers individuals in sustainable gardening through Bokashi composting and thriving communities.
  • Katie Larson: Katie Larson Studio — offers quilt and sewing patterns, inspiring creativity and providing handmade goods for creative journeys.
  • Gina Yeager: Rocky Mountain Pelvic Health, LLC — pelvic issues and orthopedic support care, providing holistic life supporting services.
  • Maria I. Rendon Saldarriaga: Sana Providence — supports high-achieving mom entrepreneurs in pursuing personal aspirations, offering coaching, mentoring, and online courses for a balanced and meaningful life.
  • Maya Gurarie: Stellar LLC — interactive name tags with patented 3D AR markers, linking to lifelike images and videos, and plans to expand AR products for enhanced interaction at events.
  • D.L. Pos Ryant: The Peace & Humanity Smoothie Bus — envisions expanding from a Smoothie Bus to a community-centered cafe, prioritizing nutrition, wellness, workforce development, and community engagement.
  • Joy Concepcion: TreeFish —nonprofit supporting Denver’s neurodivergent community through individual coaching, social groups, advocacy, and education for awareness and understanding.

EforAll also seeks applications for the winter 2023-2024 cohort. Prospective applicants can obtain more information at, or contact Kerly Baltierrez, program coordinator, at

Source: BizWest