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Cheers! Broomfield approves common alcohol consumption zones

BROOMFIELD — In the near future, Broomfield bar revelers will likely not have to toss their half-finished beers when they want to move on to another nearby watering hole, as the Broomfield City Council this week approved a framework for the establishment of common alcohol consumption zones. 

Here’s how the process would work:

A group of businesses — likely a conglomerate made up largely of bars owners, restaurateurs, landlords and developers — would form an association and request that the Broomfield City Council approve the formation of an entertainment district, which city staff has defined as an area of town that includes at least 20,000 square feet of commercial space where alcohol consumption is already permitted — bars, restaurants, breweries and hotels, for example.

Neighboring businesses within the newly formed entertainment district would then petition the Broomfield Local Licensing Authority to establish a common consumption area, of which an entertainment district could have more than one. 

The business association that forms the zone “must be controlled by a board of directors that includes a representative from every licensed business wishing to attach to the common consumption area,” according to Broomfield documents. 

Once formed, patrons, with certain exceptions, would be free to drink alcohol purchased at any participating establishment and move about within the zone. 

“While a patron may remove an alcohol beverage from a licensee to a common consumption area, a patron may not enter a licensee with an alcohol beverage,” a city memo clarified. “The common consumption area must be surrounded by physical barriers to close the area to vehicles and to limit pedestrian access.”

The hope behind the common consumption zones is that they will generate activity and excitement in retail and entertainment districts that might be in need of boost in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of e-commerce.

“I love this,” Broomfield City Councilman Deven Shaff said. “… It’s another creative way to designate an area that provides … a branded community that people want to be a part of.”

Examples of areas in Broomfield that could be ripe for common consumption zones are Arista and the redeveloped FlatIron Crossing area, where owner Macerich Co. is redeveloping the aging mall into what it hopes will be a mixed-use, 24-hour mini-community.

“When I saw this (proposal for the establishment of consumption zones) I first thought of the Arista development, which is where I live,” Broomfield City Councilwoman Paloma Delgadillo said. “I think it’s an excellent location for this sort of thing.”

Source: BizWest